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Dr Sam Murphy

Dr Sam Murphy

The Open University, Department of Health and Social Care

Professional biography

Sam is the Associate Head of School, Health, Social Care and Social Work at The Open University. 

She is a medical sociologist who specialises in death, dying and bereavement, plus memory and how it makes us who we are is another area in which Sam is interested and, as such, she has taught undergraduates around dementia and the loss of self.

Specifically Sam worked on a second-year undergraduate module at The Open University which was called Dementia care. This 30 credit module aimed to introduce students to issues around caring for people with dementia which included the impact on their identity, as well as those around them, providing good, safe and effective care, as well as the issues that might come up around decision-making, specifically ethical decision making particularly around the end of life. 

On a personal note, Sam's mother died in 2017 having had dementia for several years. She had spent the final four years of life living in a residential care home so my theoretical knowledge is now underpinned by the practical experience of having a close relative live with and then die with dementia.

Academic advisor for: Dementiaville, Protecting Our Parents

Dr Sam Murphy's activities

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Dr Sam Murphy's Research & Publications

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