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Dr Sharon Mallon's Research & Publications

Kerry Jones and Sharon Mallon (2018-06-21) Suicide and Self-harm - The Challenge for Front line Staff, In Suicide & Self Harm – The Challenge for Front Line Staff
Sharon Mallon (2018-06-09) Precarious Lives: An Exploration of the Politics of Female Death by Suicide, In Centre for Death & Society (CDAS) Conference 2018: The Politics of Death
Karen Galway and Sharon Mallon (2018-06) Abortion Ban likely to worsen mental health crisis, The Conversation
Karen Galway et al. (2016-03-01) Substance misuse in life and death in a 2 year cohort of suicides, In British Journal of Psychiatry 3(208)
Sharon Mallon (2016-01-27) An exploration of the dynamics of suicide among women, In Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series (KESS)
Sharon Mallon et al. (2016) An exploration of integrated data on the social dynamics of suicide among women, In Sociology of Health & Illness 4(38)

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