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Profile: Dr Stephanie Pywell

Dr Stephanie Pywell

The Open University, Law School

Professional biography

Senior Lecturer in Law, The Faculty of Business and Law, The Open University

Dr Stephanie Pywell's activities

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Dr Stephanie Pywell's Research & Publications

Stephanie M. Pywell (2019) The litigant in person’s tale: despair and dysfunction in the civil justice system of England and Wales, In Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education 1(13)
Stephanie M. Pywell and Rebecca Probert (2018-12) Neither sacred nor profane: the permitted content of civil marriage ceremonies, In Child and Family Law Quarterly 4(30)
Stephanie M. Pywell (2016-05-27) The reasonable robot, In New Law Journal 7700(166)
Paul Catley and Stephanie M. Pywell (2015-08) The ethical imperative of ascertaining and respecting the wishes of the minimally conscious patient facing a life-or-death decision., In Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft und Ethik, De Gruyter
Stephanie M. Pywell (2015-06) PP v Health Service Executive [2014] IEHC 622: The High Court of Ireland (Divisional Court): Kearns P, Baker, Costello JJ: 26 December 2014, In Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 2(4), Oxford Univeristy Press

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