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Professor Sheila Peace's Research & Publications

Manik Deepak Gopinath, Professor Sheila Peace and Caroline Anne Holland (2019) Conserving habitus: Home, coupledom and dementia, In Home Cultures
Professor Sheila Peace, Manik Deepak Gopinath and Caroline Anne Holland (2017-08) Meanings of home for older couples and spouse caregivers, In RGS-IBG AC2017: Home futures: towards a critical feminist geography of housing, ageing and health, Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers
Professor Sheila Peace and R. A. Darton (2017-07-30) Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Impact of Home Modification and Adaptation, In 21st International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) World Congress Supplement(1), Oxford University Press
Martin Maguire et al. (2014-04-30) Kitchen Living in Later Life: Exploring Ergonomic Problems, Coping Strategies and Design Solutions, In International Journal of Design 1(8)
Jeanne Samson Katz, Caroline Anne Holland and Professor Sheila Peace (2013-01) Hearing the voices of people with high support needs, In Journal of Aging Studies 1(27)
Jeanne Samson Katz, Caroline Anne Holland and Professor Sheila Peace (2012-08-03) Exploring the goals of older people with high support needs in the UK: does their consumption match their aspirations?, In Second ISA Forum of Sociology: Social Justice and Democratization
Caroline Anne Holland and Professor Sheila Peace (2012) Life course, Elsevier
Jeanne Samson Katz et al. (2011-11-30) A Better Life - What Older People With High Support Needs Value, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Jeanne Samson Katz, Professor Sheila Peace and Susan Margaret Spurr (editors) (2011-11-30) Adult Lives: A Life Course Perspective, Policy Press

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