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Professor Stephen Potter's Research & Publications

Per-Anders Langendahl et al. (2019) Smoothing peaks and troughs: Intermediary practices to promote demand side response in smart grids, In Energy Research and Social Science(58)
Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez, Stephen Potter and Professor Matthew Cook (2019) The imagined electric vehicle user: Insights from pioneering and prospective buyers in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, In Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment(71)
Professor Matthew Cook et al. (2019) Exploring the epistemic politics of urban niche experiments, Routledge
Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez, Professor Matthew Cook and Stephen Potter (2018) Roadmaps to Utopia: Tales of the Smart City, In Urban Studies 15(55)
Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez et al. (2015) Exploring participatory visions of smart transport in Milton Keynes, In Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering Sustainability 4(171)
Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez, Professor Matthew Cook and Stephen Potter (2018-02-12) Roadmaps to utopia: Tales of the smart city, In Urban Studies, SAGE Publications
Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez et al. (2018) Prototyping sustainable mobility practices: user-generated data in the smart city, In Journal of Technology Assessment and Strategic Management 2(30)
Maurizio Catulli, Professor Matthew Cook and Stephen Potter (2017-01-10) Consuming use orientated product service systems: A consumer culture theory perspective, In Journal of Cleaner Production(141)
Stephen Potter and Alan-Miguel Valdez Juarez (2017-01-04) Shifting Smart City travel information systems to the Smart Region, In Universities Transport Study Group Annual Conference
Annika Wolff et al. (2017-01-01) Engaging with the Smart City Through Urban Data Games 1, Springer

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