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Dr Simon Collinson

Dr Simon Collinson

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Dr Simon Collinson's OpenLearn Profile

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Dr Simon Collinson

Dr Simon Collinson

About me

Simon's PhD concerned ‘Bioinorganic chemistry mimicking copper metalloenzymes’ with Professor David Fenton at the University of Sheffield and was sponsored by BP Chemicals. This developed dicopper complexes of macrocylic Schiff base ligands.

Simon then worked at the University of Kansas as a postdoctoral fellow developing ‘Metal catalysts for bleach activation’ with Professor Daryle Busch and the Proctor & Gamble Company which led to several patents and publications.

Simon returned to the UK in 1998, working at the University of Exeter  as a postdoctoral fellow studying ‘Metal containing liquid crystals’ with Professor Duncan Bruce. In 2000 he continued at the University of Exeter as a postdoctoral fellow developing ‘Electrochemical sensors for biological molecules’ with Dr Jim Tucker.

In 2001 Simon was appointed at the University of Nottingham as a temporary lecturer and subsequently teaching fellow in Inorganic Chemistry.

In 2009 he moved to Cranfield University as a lecturer in Environmental and Waste Chemistry.

Simon joined the Open University in November 2011 as a Teaching Fellow in Chemistry and an Associate Lecturer on the level 3 Metals and Life course.

Simon's research interests include chemical education, conservation science, catalysis, environmental and waste chemistry.


Dr Simon Collinson's research

Nariman K. Zhappar et al. (2019) Bacterial and chemical leaching of copper-containing ores with the possibility of subsequent recovery of trace silver, In Chemical Papers 6(73)

Simon R. Collinson and Oscar Duplá García (2013-10) Modification of waste carpet with hydrated ferric oxide for recycling as an adsorbent material to recover phosphate from wastewater, In Science of Advanced Materials 10(5)

Arnau Carné Sánchez and Simon R. Collinson (2011-10) The selective recycling of mixed plastic waste of polylactic acid and polyethylene terephthalate by control of process conditions, In European Polymer Journal 10(47)

Simon R. Collinson and W. Thielemans (2010-08) The catalytic oxidation of biomass to new materials focusing on starch, cellulose and lignin, In Coordination Chemistry Reviews 15-16(254)

L. J. C. Burkett-St et al. (2009-02-26) Laundry and cleaning composition for fabric washing, and for hard surfaces including interiors of ovens, includes metal complex comprising transition metal atom including manganese, oxygen bleaching agent, and adjunct materials

Kelly A. Ames et al. (2008-11) Design of Neutral Metallomesogens from 5,5-Dimethyldipyrromethane: Metal Ion Mediated Control of Folding and Hairpin Structures, In European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 32(2008)

D. H. Busch et al. (2008-07-10) Laundry and cleaning composition comprises metal complex comprising transition metal and cross-bridge macropolycyclic ligand comprising organic macrocycle ring and cross-bridge chain moiety

Francesca Morale et al. (2008) Metal-directed columnar phase formation in tetrahedral zinc(II) and manganese(II) metallomesogens, In New Journal of Chemistry(32)

Stuart G. Galbraith et al. (2007-07) Anion selectivity in zwitterionic amide-funtionalised metal salt extractants, In Chemistry - A European Journal 21(13)

Qiang Wang et al. (2006-12-11) The one-pot halomethylation of 5-substituted salicylaldehydes as convenient precursors for the preparation of heteroditopic ligands for the binding of metal salts, In Tetrahedron Letters 50(47)

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