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Professor Sophie Watson

Professor Sophie Watson

The Open University, Department of Sociology

Academic advisor for: Thinking Allowed 2019

Professor Sophie Watson's activities

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Professor Sophie Watson's Research & Publications

Professor Sophie Watson (2019) City Water Matters: Cultures, Practices and Entanglements of Urban Water, Palgrave Macmillan
Professor Sophie Watson (2019) Liquid passions: bodies, publics and city waters, In Social & Cultural Geography 7(20)
Professor Sophie Watson (2018-06) The Challenges of collaboration and democratic participation in turbulent and unsettled times, In Tracce Urbane: Italian Journal of Urban studies(3)
Francis Martin Dodsworth and Professor Sophie Watson (2018) Coping with change: community, environment, and engagement in a London Buddhist Community, Routledge
Andy King et al. (2017-12-01) Editors’ Report 2017, In Sociology 6(51), SAGE Publications
Professor Sophie Watson (2016-12) Making multiculturalism, In Ethnic and Racial Studies 15(40)
Andrew King et al. (2016-03-17) Editors’ Report 2016, In Sociology 2(50), SAGE Publications
Kellie Payne and Professor Sophie Watson (2016-01) Smart Practices: Reflections on the Smarter Home Visit in two London boroughs 140, CRESC, The University of Manchester and the Open University
Professor Sophie Watson and Oliver Zanetti (2016) Religion as practices of attachment and materiality: the making of Buddhism in contemporary London, In Culture and Religion 3(17)

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