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Profile: Tara Hayden

Tara Hayden

The Open University, Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute (PSSRI)


Tara’s research is about understanding the origin and evolution of volatiles in the Earth-Moon system. Her work is focused on lunar meteorites that sample a wider range of the Moon’s surface than the samples returned by the Apollo missions, and as such may highlight that the nature and range of volatiles measured in these pristine lunar rocks record only a small part of the Moon’s volatile inventory and history. She has recently classified three brand new lunar meteorites.

Public Engagement

She strongly believes in the importance of communicating planetary science (especially lunar) research to a variety of audiences, and has participated in a number of outreach events. These include volunteering to engage with the local audience as part of Moon Night in December 2018, and with a wider audience in Edinburgh in April 2019. She has also been closely involved in the organisation of a stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London on 1-7 July 2019, where the Open University will be communicating the research currently going on around the Moon, and giving the public the opportunity to touch and learn about real lunar rocks.

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