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Uwe Baumann's Research & Publications

Uwe Baumann and Élodie Vialleton (2017) Intercultural Communicative Competence and Employability in the Languages Curriculum at the Open University UK, In Intercultural Communicative Competence – A Competitive Advantage for Global Employability, Czech Technical University
Uwe Baumann (2016-06) An investigation of the background, practice and intercultural communicative competence of part-time distance language tutors at the Open University, In Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 1(11)
Linda Murphy et al. (2011-11-02) Tutor and student perceptions of what makes an effective distance language teacher, In Distance Education 3(32)
Linda Murphy, Monica Shelley and Uwe Baumann (2010) Qualities of effective tutors in distance language teaching: student perceptions, In Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 2(4)
Uwe Baumann et al. (2008) New challenges: the role of the tutor in the teaching of languages at a distance, In Distances et savoirs 3(6)
Uwe Baumann (2007) Developing autonomy and intercultural competence in a distance learning environment(10), Authentik Language Learning Resources Ltd
Uwe Baumann and Monica Shelley (2006-11) Distance learners of German and intercultural competence, In Open Learning 3(21)
Uwe Baumann (2006-05-25) Erlebte Geschichte, Routledge
Uwe Baumann and Professor Regine Hampel (2006-05-25) Medien - von der Zeitung zum Internet, Routledge

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