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Dr Vincent Gauci's Research & Publications

Bertie William Courtney Welch, Professor Vincent Gauci and Emma Jane Sayer (2018) Tree stem bases are sources of CH4 and N2O in a tropical forest on upland soil during the dry to wet season transition, In Global Change Biology 1(25), Wiley
Michael Peacock et al. (2019) The full carbon balance of a rewetted cropland fen and a conservation-managed fen, In Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment(269)
Sofie Sjögersten et al. (2019) Methane emissions from tree stems in neotropical peatlands, In New Phytologist, Wiley
Sarah Cook et al. (2018-12-21) Fluvial organic carbon fluxes from oil palm plantations on tropical peatland, In Biogeosciences 24(15)
Sunitha Rao Pangala et al. (2017-12-14) Large emissions from floodplain trees close the Amazon methane budget, In Nature(552)
Dušan Materić et al. (2017-10) Selective Reagent Ion-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry study of six common monoterpenes, In International Journal of Mass Spectrometry(421)
Lahiru S. Wijedasa et al. (2017-03) Denial of long-term issues with agriculture on tropical peatlands will have devastating consequences, In Global Change Biology 3(23)

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