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Victoria Cooper's Research & Publications

Stephanie Bennett, Victoria L. Cooper and Professor Jane Payler (2019) Beyond talk: Learning from children and young people experiencing a family health crisis, Policy press
Elizabeth May Chamberlain and Victoria L. Cooper (2019-05-09) Representing children’s rights from discussion through to illustration and interpretation, In Research Intelligence 139
Professor Jane Payler, Victoria L. Cooper and Stephanie Bennett (2019) Children and young people living through a serious family illness: structural, interpersonal and personal perspectives, In Children & Society((In Press))
Victoria L. Cooper, Heather Kate Montgomery and Professor Kieron Sheehy (2018-08-30) Parenting the First Twelve Years: What the Evidence Tells Us, Pelican
Victoria L. Cooper et al. (2018-05-01) Theory And Empirical Research Of Children And Young People And Digital Food/Health Literacy, In 2nd Digital Health and Wellbeing Conference
Victoria L. Cooper and Mary Kellett (2017) Listening to children, Open University Press/McGraw Hill
Victoria L. Cooper (2017) Lost in translation: exploring childhood identity using photo-elicitation, In Children's Geographies 6(15)
Stephanie Bennett, Victoria L. Cooper and Professor Jane Payler (2017) The need for support: Young people living through a family health crisis, Hope support services
Victoria L. Cooper (2014-11-30) Children's developing identity, Sage
Victoria L. Cooper (2014) Education and the impact of schooling, The Open University

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