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Dr Gini Harrison

Dr Gini Harrison

The Open University, Department of Psychology

Academic advisor for: Postcode patterns

Dr Gini Harrison's activities

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Dr Gini Harrison's Research & Publications

Zoe Walkington et al. (2019) Entitlement to tell on police Facebook sites, In Cyberpsychology Behaviour and Social Networking 5(22)
Donna Moore and Virginia Harrison (2018) A review of websites for perinatal anxiety: Advice for healthcare professionals and users, In JMIR Mental Health 4(5)
Zoe Walkington et al. (2018) Are you talking to me? How identity is constructed on police-owned Facebook sites, In Narrative Inquiry 2(28)
Zoe Walkington et al. (2018-03-01) The use of Facebook in creating police identity, In 2018 Conference of the Society of Evidence Based Policing
Virginia Harrison and Sarah Mackenzie Ross (2016-11) Anxiety and depression following cumulative low-level exposure to organophosphate pesticides, In Environmental Research(151)
Virginia Harrison and Sarah J. Mackenzie Ross (2016-01) An emerging concern: Toxic fumes in airplane cabins, In Cortex(74)
Virginia Harrison, Hayley Ness and Faye Skelton (2016) What’s so ‘super’ about super recognisers?, In European Association of Psychology and Law Conference (EAPL 2016)
Virginia Harrison et al. (2015) Police perceptions of eyewitness evidence and research, In European Association of Psychology and Law Conference (EAPL 2015)

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