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Frank Kembery's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Frank Kembery

Frank Kembery


Introspective introvert, arty ambivert, phrasal poet, protocol detox-and-speech therapist plus social scientist.

As a middle-aged orphan and single with no dependents. Still homeless, and due to fraud and more missing people that will most likely become homicides the male continuum of harm continues to kill itself, while I am continuing to engage in professional development and being a self-employed entrepreneur. My team brand individual, is now a private limited company and the organisation might end up as a benefit community with an independent publishing programme that’s self-sustainable as an international psychosocial organisation. I have been involved in the arts, humanities and social sciences since I was 13 years old, and the entertainment industry plus catering and hospitality, but nowadays as an industry-standard independent that’s a low tier part-time artist, and performer. My personal certification achievement in protocol auricular detox in 2011 has developed into a decade of research into addictions and diseases as I engage as a medical student (OSCE & SBA) to become an advanced practitioner. My entrepreneurial brand of motivation and caring is a “MOOC” dialogic to include academic furtherances of being a laboratory research fellow in work placement training experience.

My interests are cultural and technical in arts and sciences, in adult learning arts therapy, which all stems as far back as the early 80's when I was a junior in my infancy bias, and growing up listening to the BEASTIE BOYS and enjoying The Sky At Night, with my telescope and microscope from, Argos. A CoE Christian evangelically baptised and raised by staunch Catholics. A Nanny, a bookbinder that survived the NAZIS, in a single parent divorcee Mum (RIP) who was a barmaid and a florist until I finished my GCSEs, then she became a PA to a UNIT at the MoD.

My purpose is establishing many advancements to my general route of an Open MA/MSc & hopefully a BA/BSc, too, self-sustainably at best, while having the best diverse CPD & diverse ChP portfolio possible.