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Profile: Lwin Mar Saing

Lwin Mar Saing


I am Professor ,Department of Botany ,Mohnyin University, Northern Part of Myanmar. My field specialization in MS.c and Ph.D is taxonomy,evolution of wild cereal family in Myanmar. Now, I am doing survey valuable wild natural resources of sugarcane and wild coffee family in black area of Myanmar for wild plant science research . I am Associate Professor ,Botany Department ,Pyay University,Myanmar. I am very interesting in wild plants and their evolution, environmental conservation of wild natural resources in Myanmar. IfI have a time ,I am survey to wild plants collecting in black areas of Myanmar.When I am doing survey to these areas ,I am always face some difficult facts as these survey area is black region and strongly native race. I am single and Myanmar, my survey area native race' vision differ from my mind, knowledge, for searching plants .But can I do the best for my wild natural resources survey of plants.