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Joy Corfield's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Joy Corfield

Joy Corfield


I am a retired civil servant who tries to keep on learning something new all the time. Widowed with three grown up children and four grandchildren, I have now moved into another town, to be nearer my children and have downsized to a smaller house, which I love. I volunteer for a charity that is involved with running a cafe for people who have Dementia, this I throughly enjoy. After Covid it has taken me a little while to get back into normal life. Things have changed in most peoples lives, the cost of living has affected people this year so everyone has to think about spending and luxuries etc take a back seat, I have now acquired a dog, she is a rescue that my son decided to give to me. A puppy still and it means that you have to make an effort every day. She is tiny, a cross between a pug and a chihuahua so tramping for miles is not her thing. I was going through papers and found a couple of courses that i did before covid, both of them were political mostly to look at the foreign policy of America etc, in the last couple of years everything there has changed, what with Trump and the Ukraine, quite unsetttling to read through. Likes to be busy and even though I always dealt with people when I was working, I am quite reserved and happy with my own company. Fairly fit but not sporty, likes to walk, garden and loves anything to do with history etc.