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Michael Cattrell's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Michael Cattrell

Michael Cattrell


I'm a great believer in continual growth and education. While I did not succeed in completing my degree in Computing & IT, I try to continue educating myself in subjects that grab my attention, and would benefit me at work and at home.

One of my great passions is 3D printing, what'll be the forerunner to Star Trek-like Replicators in the future one would hope. Even without the science fiction twist, it is a transformative and disruptive technology that has create a whole new market in 3D technology and consumerism, as well as challenging outdated copyright systems.

Another subject I'm interest in is Systems Theory, applicable to a wide range of matters, such as computing, biology, sociology, ecology and engineering. What got me interested in it was strangely the TV show Snowpiercer, and the idea of having a virtually self sufficient ecology in a contained space, while maintaining an equilibrium to maintain the delicate balances held within. I'd like to learn more about the principals and theories, and how to apply them to various fields.

My current career places me in the middle of the night in the Hospitality industry, aka the nightshift. It is a challenging position, but affords me a unique perspective on the world that people rarely get to see or realise exists. It also provides me plenty of entertaining stories and experiences.