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Robin Smith's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Robin Smith

Robin Smith


I'm an American, who moved to Scotland with my Scottish husband in 2008, along with three of my four children. One of my sons went back to the states after two years, the other two still live here. I'm very active with my family and enjoy spending time with them as often as I can. I'm also a political person, interested in American and British politics. I am an animal lover and do what I can for the enviornment, cutting down my carbon footprint as much as possible. I love photography and writing, and hope to get experience to do more in those fields as I study. As I stated before, I love photography and writing. I volunteer for a genealogy website as a photographer, where I go to cemeteries to look for headstones for people doing their family history. I finished high school WAY back in 1986, going off to uni later that year. I completed only three semesters before leaving to get married and started a family in 1989. My daughter, the only one of my four children who attended uni, finished her education in 2012, receiving two degrees - one in elementary education and the other in child psychology. She's now a teacher and I'm so proud of her. I considered a degree in History, which is a subject I'm very interested in exploring, but decided that English Lit & Creative Writing had more employment opportunities, especially for someone my age.