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Darwin and Inheritance: Track 1

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How are genetic traits handed down through generations? How did you inherit your grandfather's red hair whilst your parents are both black-haired? Even Charles Darwin himself never really understood the causes behind this. This album traces the development of our understanding of the laws of inheritance. The tracks on this album, drawn from an Open University programme first broadcast in 1998, explore the discoveries of scientists such as the botanist Mendel, and the chemist Friedrich Miescher who first identified DNA, and see how they come together with Darwin's theory of evolution to form the concepts which lie at the heart of modern genetics. Contributors include Richard Dawkins, Colin Tudge, John Maynard Smith, Steven Rose and Steve Jones.

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Track 1: Darwin and Inheritance

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Darwin and Inheritance    A short introduction to this album. Play now Darwin and Inheritance
2 Darwin's Burning Question    Darwin's Theory of Evolution lacked a credible explanation for characteristics which skipped generations. Play now Darwin's Burning Question
3 Mendel and Heredity    The story of Mendel who in the 1850's observed hereditary patterns in plants such as the pea. Play now Mendel and Heredity
4 Galapagos    Darwin travels to Galapagos Islands and is confused by the variations within species such as finches. Play now Galapagos
5 Darwinism Meets Mendelian Genetics    Only in the 1930's was it realised that it is not attributes that are passed on but genes. Play now Darwinism Meets Mendelian Genetics
6 Miescher Identifies DNA    Miescher speculates that DNA could provide the missing piece of the puzzle of how the laws of inheritance worked physically. . Play now Miescher Identifies DNA




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