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Evolution: Track 1

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In the sub-arctic environment in northern Norway and the high arctic climate of Svalbard, reindeer have adapted to their environment in different ways. The five video tracks in this album explore the key concepts of evolutionary science and investigate how these account for the characteristics of arctic reindeer. How do natural selection and other evolutionary processes produce changes in genes? How do new species originate? And how are large-scale evolutionary patterns generated. The material forms part of the course S366 Evolution.

By: The iTunes U team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 30 mins
  • Updated Friday 26th March 2010
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under Across the Sciences
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Track 1: Evolution

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Evolution    A short introduction to this album. Play now Evolution
2 Northern Norway    An undisturbed natural laboratory. One of the most isolated arctic landmasses, an ideal location to observe rapid evolutionary change. Play now Northern Norway
3 Mainland Reindeer    The behaviour and evolution of the mainland species. Analysing how they live and what they eat. Play now Mainland Reindeer
4 Mainland Species Biology    Inside the stomach Play now Mainland Species Biology
5 Svalbard Reindeer    The threat of starvation. How this sub-species has adapted to arctic conditions, lack of food and the absence of predators Play now Svalbard Reindeer
6 Evolution in Action    Comparing physical and behavioural characteristics in both types of reindeer reveals the process of evolution at work. Play now Evolution in Action