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Investigating addiction: Track 5

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What makes some people develop an addiction while others don't? Could genes or social environment influence addictive behaviours? In this album, scientists in the US and the UK explore the psychology and biology of addiction by subjecting a recovering alcoholic and his sister, a non-addict, to a range of physiological, psychological and genetic studies. The results raise interesting questions about brain patterns underlying addictions, and how addiction should be treated. This material forms part of The Open University course SD805 Issues in brain and behaviour.

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Track 5: The genetic dimension of addiction

How scientists are studying genetics to try to track down the 'addiction' gene.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Physiological aspects of addictions    A look at what can happen to our brain if we become addicted and a discussion of the long term effects. Play now Physiological aspects of addictions
2 The addiction files    Brian is an alcoholic on a journey to find out why he became an addict. Play now The addiction files
3 Social influences on addiction    Brian's social experiences are very different to that of his sister, Ann. Could that be a reason for his addiction? Play now Social influences on addiction
4 Psychological influences on addiction    Brian and Ann are assessed by psychologists to see whether addicts have different thought processes to non-addicts. Play now Psychological influences on addiction
5 The genetic dimension of addiction    How scientists are studying genetics to try to track down the 'addiction' gene. Play now The genetic dimension of addiction
6 Living with addiction    Brian talks optimistically about his future. Play now Living with addiction




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