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Living the Legacy: Track 1

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How can Darwin be used to inspire the scientists of tomorrow? What is the best way to communicate his theories to a modern audience? And what events have been taking place all over the world to commemorate him? Sheila Ochugboju from the African Technology Policy Studies Network, Janice Asnine from the OU and Roberta Kacowicz from The British Council in Brazil, discuss the various initiatives that they have been involved in all over the world to promote Darwin. Their work shows that he can still be both relevant and exciting, and that diverse methods can be used to introduce young people and a variety of modern communities to Darwin’s theories and the fundamentals of his scientific approach. The tracks on this album were produced by The Open University in collaboration with the British Council. They form part of Darwin Now, a global initiative celebrating the life and work of Charles Darwin and the impact his ideas about evolution continue to have on today’s world. © British Council 2009.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Living the Legacy

A brief introduction to this album.

© The Open University 2010

Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Living the Legacy    A brief introduction to this album. Play now Living the Legacy
2 Darwin Now in Africa    Sheila Ochugbojou discusses African Science Cafes and the other projects that she has been involved in to bring modern scientific thought and the ideas and approaches of Charles Darwin to a wide variety of people. Play now Darwin Now in Africa
3 Darwin Now in Brazil    Roberta Kacowicz reveals the various British Council programmes that have been organised to engage the Brazilan public with Darwin and Darwinism. Highlights include an interactive exhibition that has gone on to tour the world. Play now Darwin Now in Brazil
4 Darwin Now Awards    Janice Ansine is a recipient of a Darwin Now Award. She is currently working on a variety of projects in Jamaica, looking at contemporary responses to Darwin and Into the historic role of Jamaica in providing material for his research. Play now Darwin Now Awards
5 Darwin for young people    Several 'Darwin Now' projects have focussed on bringing young people together to discuss Darwin and his legacy. Events and conferences have been taking place both in Britain and in Egypt. Play now Darwin for young people




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