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Radiotherapy and its Physics: Track 1

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This masters level science course aims to give you an understanding of the application of physics to the techniques of radiotherapy, one of the key weapons in the fight against cancer. It is designed to enable you to develop a broad and balanced appreciation of this area of contemporary medicine, rather than a detailed ‘professional’ knowledge. The course explains the principles of applying basic physics to radiotherapy in dosimetry, external and internal treatment methods, treatment planning and radiation protection. You’ll also study radiobiology and consider the effects of ionising radiation on biological tissues. By the end of the course, your understanding of these topics will enable you to discuss confidently the ethical, social and financial constraints in delivering radiotherapy.

This material is taken from The Open University course S819 Radiotherapy and its physics.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Radiotherapy and its Physics

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Radiotherapy and its Physics    A short introduction to this album. Play now Radiotherapy and its Physics
2 An insight into Radiotherapy    Play now An insight into Radiotherapy
3 An oncologist's biography    Play now An oncologist's biography
4 The role of a clinical technologist    Play now The role of a clinical technologist
5 How to become a medical physicist    Play now How to become a medical physicist
6 A radiographer's responsibilities    Play now A radiographer's responsibilities
7 Treating prostate cancer    Play now Treating prostate cancer
8 Dealing with patients    Play now Dealing with patients
9 Treatment triumphs    Play now Treatment triumphs
10 Co-operation in treatment    Play now Co-operation in treatment
11 Treatment periods and doses    Play now Treatment periods and doses
12 Understaffed NHS    Play now Understaffed NHS
13 Protection for treatment    Play now Protection for treatment
14 An overview of the Simulator    Play now An overview of the Simulator
15 Dose Volume Histogram    Play now Dose Volume Histogram
16 Dose Calculation in 3D    Play now Dose Calculation in 3D
17 Modelling doses and volumes    Play now Modelling doses and volumes
18 Inside the Linear Accelerator    Play now Inside the Linear Accelerator
19 Treating the Head and Neck    Play now Treating the Head and Neck
20 Treating the Lungs    Play now Treating the Lungs
21 Quality Assurance of the Machine    Play now Quality Assurance of the Machine
22 Performance check : Linear Accelerator    Play now Performance check : Linear Accelerator
23 Linac linear accelerator    Play now Linac linear accelerator
24 Principles of Brachytherapy    Play now Principles of Brachytherapy
25 Iodine therapy    Play now Iodine therapy
26 Dosimetry    Play now Dosimetry



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