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Get your FREE human body augmented reality postcards

Updated Friday, 22nd September 2017

Have you received your poster and now want to make it come to life? Download these free postcards and print them to get started...

To accompany the Human Body: Secrets of your Life Revealed TV series we have created interactive content to show how the systems and organs in your body work. It’s an augmented reality experience that uses your smartphone’s camera with animated 3D models of your heart, liver and brain. The experience is free but you’ll need to download a free app from a company called Zappar. You’ll also need the unique print outs for your smartphone camera to scan (see the instructions below).

Here’s what you need to do…

1. Print

Each organ has its own unique image. To get the images click the links below then print:

The heart

The liver

The brain

Print out of all three organs

You can also request an interactive poster written by our OU experts to be posted to you. Follow this link to request a poster online.

2. Download the Zappar app on your smartphone.

Use the links to download here App StoreGoogle Play or search in your download store for Zappar.

3. Scan the image

Once you’ve got the app and the print out, open the Zappar app and point the camera at the print out to scan. Follow the instructions on screen.

Don’t forget to try the selfie mode; hold the image to your body to see the organ outside of your body. If you like, you can share an image on social media.

(If you haven’t got access to a printer you can try scanning directly from your computer or phone screen).

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