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Updated Wednesday, 25th March 2009

Why type in Times when you could be using Gareth Mitchell's handwriting to make a statement? The BBC/OU series Digital Planet explores how to make your own font

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An Irish stamp showing a monk hand copies a document

Gareth created his own font, Gareth New Roman, using an online font generator.

Gareth New Roman
Gareth's font - click to get a closer look

Gareth has used his font to write this welcome message:

Message from Gareth
Gareth's message - click to get a closer look


You can download the font and install it on your own computer: Download Gareth New Roman. [TTF file]

Tips on installing fonts on your computer.

Make your own font

If you want to turn your own handwriting into a font, you can create your own spin on Gareth New Roman by visiting and following the instructions. (You'll need access to a printer and a scanner.)

If you'd rather create your own font from scratch, rather than basing it on your handwriting, you could try using FontStruct instead.

If you do make a font and want to let us know about it, why show it off in Flickr (tag your image digitalplanetfont so we can track it) or if you'd like to share it, why not upload it to the web (perhaps via a service like or and share the URL with the Digital Planet audience in the comments box below?

Just a warning: Be very careful when downloading anything from the internet and installing it on your computer. Make sure your virus software is up-to-date and switched on before putting any files fron the internet onto your machine. Check our guide to staying safe online.

If you want learn more about the threats that arise from downloading maliciious software, why not consider the short course Vandalism in cyberspace: understanding and combating malicious software?(This course is delivered online and available worldwide)


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