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Systems thinking: Understanding sustainability

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Systems thinking: Understanding sustainability

This free course, Systems thinking: Understanding sustainability, introduces ways in which systems thinking can help support processes of decision making among stakeholders with different, often contrasting, perspectives on sustainable development in order to generate purposeful action to improve situations of change and uncertainty. You will be encouraged to engage with the concept of sustainable development, and discover and contextualise your own sustainable development beliefs and values.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • engage with the domain of sustainable development
  • contextualise any experience in the domain of sustainable development
  • critically read, interpret and analyse some accounts of environmental, development and sustainable development issues and situations
  • identify systems of interest in some sustainable development situations
  • identify types of hierarchy that are meaningful in the domain of sustainable development.

First Published: 24/08/2012

Updated: 29/03/2016

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