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Design and Creativity: Track 1

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We encounter designed products every day, from bus tickets to buildings. We travel on, wear and even eat products that have been designed. What it is like to be a designer? What are the design processes that generate products? The 28 video tracks on this album reveal the importance of creativity in the design process and explore the products and practices of both new and highly experienced designers working in the international design world. Designers from Philips and IDEO explain how they formulate design plans, conduct market research and make design decisions. This material forms part of The Open University course T211 Design and designing.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Design and Creativity

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Design and Creativity    A short introduction to this album. Play now Design and Creativity
2 New Designs: Charger    Harnessing the power of technology: a designer talks about developing and testing a new charger that turns kinetic energy into electricity. Play now New Designs: Charger
3 New Designs: Postmobile    Design for a specific market: a new designer explains how he secured sponsorship from the Royal Mail to develop his prototype. Play now New Designs: Postmobile
4 New Designs: Pushchair    Redesigning and problem solving: a new designer describes her journey from concept to prototype. Play now New Designs: Pushchair
5 New Designs: Scooter    Designing for the environment: a new designer tests his eco-friendly scooter's market appeal. Play now New Designs: Scooter
6 Folding bike re-invented    The creative process that led to the design of the Strida bike Play now Folding bike re-invented
7 Folding bike refined    The importance of teamwork when refining a design Play now Folding bike refined
8 Folding bike rapidly sketched    Sketching as a trigger for creative design. Play now Folding bike rapidly sketched
9 IDEO    A creative environment: office culture, team structure and the way of thinking at IDEO. Play now IDEO
10 IDEO: Users    The connection between design and the user: the Head of Interaction Design at IDEO talks about their relationship with customers. Play now IDEO: Users
11 IDEO: Design Engineering    Engineering around the user's needs: how to run productive development meetings and the value of sharing ideas. Play now IDEO: Design Engineering
12 IDEO: Good design    Testing and analysing IDEO designs for a battery pack and a sports watch. Play now IDEO: Good design
13 IDEO    The story of IDEO's development, their business and their team. Play now IDEO
14 IDEO: Encouraging Ideas    How to manage small teams and ways to create innovative ideas. Play now IDEO: Encouraging Ideas
15 IDEO: Transfer of Technologies    Combining technologies to capture new trends. IDEO's ideas for digital audio players and Nike sunglasses Play now IDEO: Transfer of Technologies
16 IDEO: Creative Tips    A member of the T211 Course Team sums up IDEO's creative. design and innovation process Play now IDEO: Creative Tips
17 Philips Design    The background and creative principles which underpin Philips Design's success. Play now Philips Design
18 Philips: New Design Languages    Steven Kyffin explains how new design mixes existing ideas and materials in different ways. Play now Philips: New Design Languages
19 Philips: Designing for Commerical Advantage    The T211 course team reflect on Philips Design's methods, philosophy and areas of business. Play now Philips: Designing for Commerical Advantage
20 Philips: People Centred Design    The importance of putting people first when it comes to design. Play now Philips: People Centred Design
21 Philips: Social Science in Design    How Philips keeps ahead of trends. The value of customer research when designing the latest technologies for a 'plugged-in' generation. Play now Philips: Social Science in Design
22 Philips: Workplace Culture    How to generate ideas: bringing a diverse mix of expertise to the table in a relaxed working environment. Play now Philips: Workplace Culture
23 Philips: Project Based Organisation    Putting a team together: the network of people involved in the design of a Philips product from beginning to end. Play now Philips: Project Based Organisation
24 Philips: A Designers' Background    Combining psychology and design. Monica Bueno describes her education and how she chose Philips. Play now Philips: A Designers' Background
25 Philips: Teamwork    The T211 Course Team reflects on the Philips design process. Play now Philips: Teamwork
26 Philips: Creative Product Design    Making a new range of webcams. From developing the concept to expanding the range, Tom Delaey takes us through the process step by step. Play now Philips: Creative Product Design
27 Philips: Teamwork    The network of people involved with problem solving a design from start to finish. Play now Philips: Teamwork
28 Philips: Future Developments    Evolving the web cam design. Tom Delaey describes the many factors that affect the design process and explores the connection between design and culture. Play now Philips: Future Developments
29 Philips: Communication Methods    The T211 course team reflect on the way the Philips team worked on the on the web cam project. Play now Philips: Communication Methods




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