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Design thinking
Design thinking

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4.1 The hand activity

Activity 16 Show your hand

  1. Photograph your hand

    Decide how you would like to show your hand. For example, you may wish the image to be very simple, or you could choose to photograph your hand holding or interacting with an object. If it helps, you can get someone else to take the photo or use a mirror. You could also make a picture of your hand using a scanner.

  2. Transfer your photograph to your computer

    Upload the image from your camera to your computer. Use the title ‘Hand Photo’ and save it in an appropriate place.

  3. Trace your image

    Print out a copy of your image. Place a blank sheet of normal A4 or tracing paper over the top of it, and then trace around the outline of your hand with a thick felt-tipped pen. If your hand was holding an object, you can include an outline of the object in your trace.

    Tip: If you hold the photo and the blank sheet of paper up to a window or a desk light, it will be easier to see the outline to trace.

  4. Scan or photograph your hand trace

    Photograph or scan your hand trace. Save the image to your computer using the name ‘Hand Scan’.

  5. Reflect

    Spend a few minutes reflecting on this activity.

    • Did you enjoy this activity?
    • Think about what you liked or disliked about it?
    • Did you find it difficult to decide what position to photograph your hand in, or have trouble getting your equipment to work?