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Debate: What makes for good design in school buildings?

Updated Friday, 29th July 2011

We nearly all have contact with schools - and we mostly all have ideas about what works and what doesn't. Share your views!

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The design of a school changing room Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Deskcube | Nearly everybody will have had experience of school buildings - most of us will have been in them for our own education, many of us will have been parents. Some will have worked in them as adults - at chalkboards, or whiteboards, or in kitchens, or offices. Many schools now have a life out of school hours as community centres, or even commercially-minded gyms.

We want to draw on your experiences to start a debate about what works and what doesn't. Did you go to a school which had poor design - or are your children getting their education in a place that makes the best of them?

Here's some questions you might like to consider:

  • Is it better to make spaces have more than one purpose: should the music room double up as a lunch room?
  • How far does the efficiency of a building bother you: would you rather spend money today in order to save in the future?
  • Can older buildings provide the right surroundings for a modern education?
  • If the community is to share a school, how do you make a building for both needs?.

Use the comments area below to tell us what you think.

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