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Available now: Astronomy with an online telescope

Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018

This brand new course shows you how to navigate the night sky, and the wide variety of objects it contains.

When you study this free course, Astronomy with an online telescope, you will get some hands-on experience of telescopic observations, by accessing the Open University’s own robotic telescope facility COAST, situated on the island of Tenerife. You will study variable stars, and learn how stars evolve, using your own measurements and observations to develop your understanding.

For those new to astronomy and/or the use of robotic telescopes, this course provides a practical introduction that will leave you prepared for further OU study featuring remotely operable telescopes.

You can find the course at the following link:

Astronomy with an online telescope

This OpenLearn science course was produced with the kind support of Dangoor Education, the educational arm of The Exilarch's Foundation.

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