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Composing with MIDI: Track 1

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In the last 50 years, developments in technology have had a profound effect on the production, recording and manipulation of music. The 8 video tracks in this album introduce Simon Whiteside, a television and film composer, explore his recording studio and explain how he uses MIDI to create music for films and television programmes. Using an example of one of the programmes he has worked on, Simon illustrates the technical and creative processes involved. This material forms part of TA212 Technology of Music.

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Track 1: Composing with MIDI

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Composing with MIDI    A short introduction to this album. Play now Composing with MIDI
2 A MIDI Studio    A MIDI composer talks about his career and the equipment in his studio. Play now A MIDI Studio
3 MIDI Basics    What MIDI is and what it can do. A composer describes how he uses general MIDI Play now MIDI Basics
4 MIDI in Film and Television    Using MIDI to compose for television: capturing the images and understanding the mood of a scene. Play now MIDI in Film and Television
5 Capturing the Notes    Adapting the music to fit the editing. Different ways to input and look at music using MIDI. Play now Capturing the Notes
6 Putting It Together    A composer gives a step by step account of how he put together music for the BBC's “Leonardo” documentary. Play now Putting It Together
7 Delivering Results    The different formats for sending music, and why sending sound files rather than MIDI codes can be useful. Play now Delivering Results
8 MIDI limitations and improvements    A composer reflects on the way MIDI works, and suggests areas for improvement. Play now MIDI limitations and improvements
9 MIDI: the challenge    Demonstrating what MIDI can do: making a general MIDI, then a dance, a synth and a jazz version of the same track. Play now MIDI: the challenge




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