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Design and Designing: Track 1

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How do you start to design a product? Can drawing techniques be learned? And why is modelling such a useful technique? This album introduces the basic skills necessary to communicate ideas on paper, as well as revealing the step-by-step processes for making three-dimensional models of objects, showing perspective in drawings and sketching complex objects. It also features a case study of the Strida folding bicycle, an idea taken from initial drawings to marketed product. This material forms part of The Open University course T211 Design and designing.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Design and designing

A short introduction to this album

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Design and designing    A short introduction to this album Play now Design and designing
2 Introduction to drawing    Controlling fingers and wrist to draw shapes and letters. Play now Introduction to drawing
3 Shading and toning    Using pencil shading to show tone. Play now Shading and toning
4 Modeling a chair    How to make a cardboard model of a chair from a cereal carton. Play now Modeling a chair
5 Making a cd case    How to make a CD case using simple materials. Play now Making a cd case
6 Generating ideas through practice    Simple techniques for designing CD cases. Play now Generating ideas through practice
7 Experimenting with shapes    Making a cardboard mug using different shapes and techniques. Play now Experimenting with shapes
8 Sketching elevations in design    Learning how to draw different views of a model. Play now Sketching elevations in design
9 Developing perspective    Using an overlay technique to create designs. Play now Developing perspective
10 Orthographic views of a vase    How to sketch views of an object. Play now Orthographic views of a vase
11 Drawing in perspective    How to draw in two perspectives, to create a representation of a 3D object. Play now Drawing in perspective
12 The vanishing point technique    How to draw tall objects using the vanishing point technique. Play now The vanishing point technique
13 Creating quick perspective cubes    How to draw cubes without using the vanishing point technique, and how this can be used as a building block to more complex designs. Play now Creating quick perspective cubes
14 Cubic designs    Using the 'Y' technique to extend cubic designs when creating a projection. Play now Cubic designs
15 Converting cubes into objects    How to use simple drawing techniques to draw objects. Play now Converting cubes into objects
16 Practicing hand movements    Controlling your fingers and wrists when drawing ovals. Play now Practicing hand movements
17 Using ovals in design    Combining drawing techniques to draw cylindrical objects. Play now Using ovals in design
18 Sketching complex objects    Using the drawing techniques of perspective, ovals, crating and outlining to draw a children's toy. Play now Sketching complex objects
19 Sketching to communicate    How sketches can be used to communicate instructions or information. Play now Sketching to communicate
20 Folding bike re-invented    The creative process that led to the design of the Strida bike. Play now Folding bike re-invented
21 Refining the design    The importance of teamwork when refining a design. Play now Refining the design
22 The value of sketching    Sketching as a trigger for creative design. Play now The value of sketching



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