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Music Printing: Track 5

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From the middle of the 15th century onwards, the intellectual and cultural life of the West was revolutionised by the development of the printing press. This album explores the technological problems and solutions specific to the printing of music and shows how technology has transformed the way music scores are produced today. The five video tracks examine early music printing processes, 20th century photo lithography and the invention Sibelius, the music programme that changed everything. This material forms part of TA212 Technology of Music.

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Track 5: Sibelius

The creators of Sibelius describe the idea, the software and its advantages and disadvantages.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Music Printing    A short introduction to this album Play now Music Printing
2 Letter Press Technology    Early music printing. The technological problems and solutions involved in making a complete line of music. Play now Letter Press Technology
3 Letter Press: an example    A close inspection of Plantin's book shows how it all fits together on the page. Play now Letter Press: an example
4 The Halstan Press    A printing expert takes us through the Halston process and explains how every piece of printed music is put together like a picture. Play now The Halstan Press
5 Sibelius    The creators of Sibelius describe the idea, the software and its advantages and disadvantages. Play now Sibelius
6 The Future    Factors the software has to take into account and the effect computerisation will have on music of the future. Play now The Future




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