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Structural Integrity: Materials Testing: Track 9

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How is safety built into the design of new structures? What sort of tests are used to ascertain the safety of proposed designs? Structural integrity, the study of the safe design and assessment of materials and structures under load, has become crucial in engineering design. Concepts within stress analysis have wide applicability, as there are very few manufactured components and products that do not experience any loading during their life. The tracks on this album demonstrate a selection of specialised tests designed to tell us about the behaviour of materials under certain conditions. They also show how failure assessment can be used to obtain information as to why a component or structure failed, to better inform future designs. This material forms part of the course T357, Structural integrity: designing against failure.

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Track 9: Damage Analysis

How to calculate whether damage has compromised the structural integrity of a pipeline.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Structural Integrity: Materials Testing    A short introduction to this album. Play now Structural Integrity: Materials Testing
2 Photoelasticity    A technique that allows us to visualise the magnitude of stress occurring inside a material. Play now Photoelasticity
3 Testing Materials: Beam    Measuring the response of the material to an applied load. Play now Testing Materials: Beam
4 Drilling holes    The method for measuring the residual stress profile near the surface of a sample when drilling a hole. Play now Drilling holes
5 Plane Strain    Examining the characteristics of plane strain, and the methods used to measure plane strain fracture toughness. Play now Plane Strain
6 Corus: Specialised Tests    A company working on toughness testing to improve fabrication methods and develop new uses for materials. Play now Corus: Specialised Tests
7 Toughness Testing    Creating and fracturing a fatigue crack in order to record load and displacement. Play now Toughness Testing
8 Interpreting Results    Finding out the toughness result of different materials, such as the steel used in pipelines. Play now Interpreting Results
9 Damage Analysis    How to calculate whether damage has compromised the structural integrity of a pipeline. Play now Damage Analysis




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