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How much do you think about what you throw away? A waste management cycle is essential for a sustainable future. This album considers the policy and legislation that is driving waste management processes across the EU. By modelling the overall environmental impacts of solid waste disposal methods, the UK government has now created a hierarchy of waste and local management strategies. The 12 video tracks in this album offer an in depth look at each of these processes, concentrating on waste collection, recycling, composting, energy recovery and landfill. This material forms part of T308 Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Control.

By: The OpenLearn Team (The Open University)

  • Duration 59 minutes
  • Updated Friday 26th March 2010

Track 1: Waste Management

A short introduction to this album.

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Waste Management A short introduction to this album. Play now Waste Management
2 Waste Minimisation Cutting down the amount of waste we create per household is our biggest challenge. Play now Waste Minimisation
3 Waste Re-use How your recycling gets separated and processed. When to re-use packaging, opt for composting, or incinerate waste to produce energy. Play now Waste Re-use
4 Waste Incineration Harnessing the power of your rubbish. The steam from incinerators fuel turbines that generate electricity. Play now Waste Incineration
5 The Science of Landfill The 6,000 landfill sites across Britain take about 80% of our household waste. A visit to a former landfill site, now a golf course. Play now The Science of Landfill
6 Landfill Site Selection Stage by stage in the design of a landfill site. Finding the right geology and hydro geology and assessing the pollution risk. Play now Landfill Site Selection
7 Landfill Construction Planning the infrastructure, the delivery of waste, the drainage of the site, and the monitoring facilities. Play now Landfill Construction
8 Landfill Operation At landfill site Judkins in Nuneaton they conduct daily checks , dispose of accumulated leachates and make use of the gas and water collected. Play now Landfill Operation
9 Landfill Closure How the site is safely sealed, monitored and redeveloped. How Grunden Waste redeveloped a site into a golf course. Play now Landfill Closure
10 Landfill – the Future The EU landfill directive is enforcing major change - reducing the volume of waste going to landfill and developing more incineration sites. Play now Landfill – the Future
11 Waste Collection Analyse what you throw away. The different methods local authorities use to collect and sort your rubbish. Play now Waste Collection
12 Energy From Waste How incineration generates electricity and hazardous waste is treated at landfill sites. Play now Energy From Waste
13 Composting The different types of green waste, how they are processed and who uses the compost created. Play now Composting