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An introduction to geology

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An introduction to geology

Everything we use that has not been grown either contains or relies on materials that have been sourced by a geologist. In this free course, An introduction to geology, you will be introduced to some key geological processes that impact everyday life, as you discover the link between volcanoes and your mobile phone, and find out why tiny marine wildlife is at the core of the plastics industry.

You will learn about the various types of rock, and explore how, where and why different rocks and natural resources form across the Earth. You will also look at some of the environmental and sustainability considerations that geologists need to take into account when extracting and processing these resources.

This course material was originally written for FutureLearn in 2016. It was published on OpenLearn in April 2019.

First Published: 24/01/2017

Updated: 05/02/2020

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