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Tapping into mathematics

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Tapping into mathematics

Do you have a graphics or scientific calculator? If so, this free course, Tapping into mathematics, will help you to understand the different functions and facilities available. With a focus on arithmetic, you will learn what a powerful tool this type of calculator can be.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this free course you should have:

  • started to become familiar with your scientific or graphics calculator and its use in investigating everyday problems;
  • developed good practice in relation to calculator use;
  • be able to use your calculator for the following:
  • arithmetic involving the operations of +, −, ×, ÷ and the use of brackets;
  • squaring and square rooting numbers;
  • reciprocals and powers of numbers;
  • calculations involving percentages, large and small numbers, scientific notation and ;
  • be able to understand the concepts of a mathematical function and its inverse (doing and undoing), rounding answers appropriately, fixing the number of decimal places displayed by a calculator, storing numbers in a calculator memory.

First Published: 10/08/2012

Updated: 10/07/2013

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