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The Joy Of Stats: watch the programmes

Updated Thursday, 25th November 2010

Hans Rosling brings statistics to life in our series of short films.

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The world we live in is awash with data that comes pouring in from everywhere around us. On its own, this data is just noise and confusion. To make sense of data, to find the meaning in it, we need the powerful branch of science, statistics.

Believe me, there’s nothing boring about statistics. Especially not today when we can make the data sing.

With statistics, we can really make sense of the world. Join me on a fascinating journey to discover how from crime to health, from language learning to the way science itself is conducted, the answers, the insights and yes the beauty lie in the stats.

To find out more about the Joy of Stats visit the Open University’s OpenLearn website.

"Believe me" says Hans Rosling, " there's nothing boring about statistics." You'll need no further convincing as Hans takes us on a journey through our world, using data as a guide.

A programme, The Joy Of Stats, comes to BBC Four December 7th 2010

Episode by episode

We'll be sharing seven videos with you over the next few weeks - why not subscribe to the Joy Of Stats RSS feed to get new episodes as soon as they're live?

Have you got a passion for statistics?

Find out about how you can study statistics with The Open University - and try the StatsChoices website to create your path through study.


Hans Rosling talk at TED
Gateway to UK Statistics
Office For National Statistics





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