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Using a scientific calculator
Using a scientific calculator

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4.1 Reusing a previous result

An alternative approach to our calculation is to calculate the denominator of the fraction first, and then divide the numerator by this.

You could write down the answer to the first part of the calculation on paper, and enter it into the calculator again. However, it is possible that you may make an error either in writing down the number or in typing it into the calculator. A better method is to use the fact that the calculator retains the last calculated answer, which can then be inserted in the subsequent calculation using the key located at the bottom of the keypad.

Note that the key only remembers the result of your last calculation.

Activity 11 Bottom first!

Use your calculator to calculate the value of the denominator of , then complete the calculation by finding the value of to 3 significant figures.


The value of the denominator is 12.566…, and the final answer is 0.101 to 3 significant figures.