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Living without oil: Track 2

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What is Peak oil? Will we ever have vehicles that produce zero emissions? The debate rages on as to when fossil fuels will eventually run out, but many scientists are in little doubt that these natural resources are limited. In this audio collection we investigate some of the methods of energy creation our society might have to rely on in the future when oil reserves decrease and academics examine a variety of different energy sources from electricity to hydrogen, and evaluate whether these alternatives offer practical solutions to a world without oil.

This material is taken from The Open University Course S176: Living without oil: chemistry for a sustainable future.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 2: Why Bio-diesel?

Professor Dermot Roddy talks about the reasons for using bio-fuels.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 What is Peak Oil?    Professor Dieter Helm discusses the different schools of interpretation competing to use the term Peak oil. Play now What is Peak Oil?
2 Why Bio-diesel?    Professor Dermot Roddy talks about the reasons for using bio-fuels. Play now Why Bio-diesel?
3 Demand for electricity    Professor Dieter Helm talks about how important the electrification of transport will be. Play now Demand for electricity
4 Hydrogen for domestic use    Professor Weller highlights the reasons why hydrogen would make an ideal domestic fuel. Play now Hydrogen for domestic use
5 Materials from biomass    Dr Adrian Higson gives advice to companies on converting biomass into bioenergy. Play now Materials from biomass
6 Is zero emission possible or just desirable    Professor Stephen Potter dissects the idea of zero emission vehicles and what they require. Play now Is zero emission possible or just desirable
7 Is science and technology enough?    How soon will society move from using fossil fuels? Play now Is science and technology enough?




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