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Rough Science 6 Colorado: Clean Video Diaries: Mike Bullivant

Updated Wednesday, 23rd November 2005

Exclusive video extra in which Mike Bullivant talks about the challenge for the Clean programme, from the sixth BBC/OU TV series Rough Science, based in Colorado

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One of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. Kate Humble sniffing armpits. This surely is the end of her television career. That was good fun.

When this programme was mooted, when we discussed it, it was meant to be a competition, and I think it’s important that what comes across in the programme is not a competition between individuals, between the individual scientists, but it’s a competition of the processes leading up to the final result. And I just hope that when the programme’s edited that that comes across, rather than some personal competition because I’m not really competitive. Because I always lose, that’s why essentially. But I’ve had great fun on this programme, great fun.

And another message that I’d like to come across is that the chlorine gas that we started off with is really harmful, it’s really toxic yet we made something very benign out of it. Well table salt, sodium chloride, has chlorine in it, and sometimes chemistry gets a bad press and I think it’s a little unfair. So hopefully one of the messages for this programme will be chemistry is a force for good as well as for evil.

But we had a real hoot as well, it’s going to be such a funny programme. It really is. All the way through with Jonathan. Jonathan, you’ve got to mention Jonathan in dispatches because he’s worked so hard over those last two days. He’s only really had two days, if you take the initial filming of the introductions and that he doesn’t get started until late on in the morning of the first day and we finished at midday on the third day, and he just stuck at it. And he’s, the man is a genius. I mean he’s the Leonardo da Vinci of the team, and I think, I suspect that if there is a future Rough Science then challenges will be designed such that failure is engineered into Jonathan, because I don’t think he’s ever failed. Ever failed.

But no, he’s a good man and he works really hard and I’m glad he had such a successful result. And Ellen too. I mean the detergent or the soap worked perfectly. Hermione’s deodorant worked well, and mine worked well. So I think all in all in all we’ve got a super programme. Just looking forward, we’ve got a couple of days off now. Looking forward to the fourth one. We’re halfway through and this last two weeks has just gone so quickly. We’ll be going home too soon.





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