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My Favourite Fossil: Gavin Boyland

Updated Tuesday, 5th August 2008

Gavin Boyland, assistant producer for Fossil Detectives, had a surprise awaiting him in Madagascar.

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Hi there. My name’s Gavin Boyland. I was one of the Assistant Producers on Fossil Detectives.

The first ever fossil I remember was actually at my grandparents’ house. I used to visit quite a lot, as I was a young boy, and I always remember seeing this fossil in one of their cabinets, and I always asked my grandparents if I could have a look at it and play with it.

Years later, I was living in Madagascar. Madagascar is really famous for fossils you can get in all the markets, and I saw one in a market which looked identical. I couldn’t believe it was so similar. It was an echinoid or a sea urchin. I bought that fossil that day and now it lives on my mantelpiece and it's probably my favourite one.





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