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People Like Me: Hassan

Updated Monday, 8th August 2005

Who studies science? We talk to students and graduates - and meet Hassan

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Name: Hassan
Studying: B.Sc. Honours in Geology (3rd year)

Ultimate Ambition: To get into the petroleum industry as soon as possible!

Life at University
I am at the end of my degree now, and can say the best part was the fieldwork. I have been to places I would never have considered before, such as the Isle of Arran and the Lake District, Cornwall and Devon, and in my final year I spent 6 weeks in Greece producing geological maps from fieldwork. You have to make observations and then make an interpretation based on the evidence. These travelling opportunities were important for experiencing new cultures and doing a degree is also great from a social aspect too. In tutorials, small groups of students discussed various issues and we often came to disagreements!

How I got here
I was brought up in Malaysia but moved to England to do my A-levels. I began studying geology anew, after deciding that a degree in Medicine was not for me. Bristol University was suggested to me by a friend and I was impressed on the open day. I was awarded scholarship funding from a Malaysian Petroleum Company, after a long application process.

This hands-on approach is the best way to learn, if you come to university, don’t expect just to be learning from books. The most challenging parts of the degree for me was dealing with the huge amount of new information and merging it into one big interdisciplinary picture. I appreciated the opportunity to make new observations and interpretations. I had no experience in geology before I began my degree.





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