Impact Planet Earth: Quiz

Updated Thursday, 8th September 2005
Test your knowledge on asteroids and comets

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1. When was the first asteroid discovered?


2. Where is the Asteroid Belt?


3. What was the name of the film which featured Robert Duvall and an asteroid on its way to annihilate the earth?


4. How long ago was our solar system formed?


5. Some scientists believe that an asteroid impact led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Where was the impact they are referring to?


6. What do comets consist of?


7. In what month does the earth experience the meteor shower known as "The Perseids"?


8. What is a "shooting star"?


9. 951 Gaspra was the first asteroid to be photographed from space in 1991 - by which spacecraft?


10. What was the name of the comet that broke up and smashed into Jupiter in 1994?


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