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Teleportation: Weblinks

Updated Tuesday, 8th August 2006

Find out more about teleportation with our weblinks and suggested reading

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If you’re looking for information about the science of teleportation, tread carefully. It’s a very new field, academically speaking, so it can be hard to find what you’re looking for...



Many books with interesting-sounding titles on the subject are in fact science-fiction novels. There are also many sources of information that claim to be factual, but on further inspection are actually dealing with teleportation in the sense of a human aspiration like "astral projection", which is claimed to be "a skill" and which "needs to be practised". That is not the interpretation we’re going with on this website!

Instead, here are some resources which focus on the strictly physics-related definition of the term:

... if you first became interested in teleportation through science fiction, why not start gently with this book that compares ’real’ physics with the TV version?
The Physics of Star Trek - Lawrence M. Krauss
Published by HarperCollins

... for an accessible introduction to the world of quantum mechanics, try John Gribbin:
In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat
- John Gribbin
Published by Corgi
Q is for Quantum - John Gribbin
Published by Phoenix Press

... and for a very accessible and enjoyable introduction to physics for beginners, try:

The New World of Mr Tompkins
- George Gamow, Russell Stannard Cambridge University Press

And if you fancy a humorous if less thorough explanation of all things quantum:
The Bluffer’s Guide to the Quantum Universe
- Jack Klaff
Published by Oval Books


... there are lots out there, but these two are a good introduction to the subject of teleportation, and quantum computing. You should be able to locate these in your local library:

Quantum Teleportation - Anton Zeilinger.
Scientific American: April 2000, Volume 282, No 4.

Entangled Web - Justin Mullins
New Scientist: 20 May, 2000


If you want to know how to incorporate quantum teleportation in your upcoming bestselling science fiction book, then check out ’The Quantum Physics of Teleportation’

You probably know by now that quantum teleportation may be the key to the next generation of computing techology, so you won’t be surprised to hear that IBM are on the case. Their website is informative and provides extra links on the subject:
IBM Research: Quantum Teleportation


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