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The physical world: helicopters: Track 1

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Want to learn to fly a helicopter? In this album Royal Berkshire Ambulance pilots show two complete beginners the ropes. Normally, Marie and Tracey dispatch air ambulances, now they find out how to fly one. The five video tracks offer a hands-on explanation of the science and engineering behind helicopter flight. They show how rotors help this tonne of metal take off, change direction and gain speed. They explain the difference between traditional and cutting edge military technology, and demonstrate what happens in an emergency landing. This material forms part of the course S207 The physical world.

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Track 1: The physical world: helicopters

An introduction to this album

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 The physical world: helicopters    An introduction to this album Play now The physical world: helicopters
2 How helicopters fly    Marie and Tracey from the Royal Berkshire Ambulance Unit find out how helicopter rotors work. Play now How helicopters fly
3 Traditional rotor blades    How rotor blades are constructed to cut through the air and keep the helicopter off the ground. Play now Traditional rotor blades
4 Modern rotor blades    Large, high speed military helicopters test the limits of aerodynamics. Their rotors use cutting edge blade technology and design. Play now Modern rotor blades
5 Controlling a helicopter    The tail rotor keeps the helicopter from rotating. The cyclic stick is responsible for speed, direction and altitude control. Play now Controlling a helicopter
6 Emergency landing    If the engine cuts out, helicopters go into auto-rotation. Even if there is no engine power, the helicopter glides like a fixed wing aircraft. Play now Emergency landing




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