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Free course

Understanding international development

Free statement of participation on completion
Understanding international development
This free course, Understanding international development, introduces and explores international development by considering the three themes referred to as PASH - Power and Agency, Scale and History, and programmes to promote livelihoods.

Please note: This course contains several Flash activities which are no longer playable. These are being updated. This course can still be studied, but you may like to postpone your study for now if you would rather have the full experience.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • considering a conceptual lens for the study of international development
  • considering different theories of international development
  • note-taking skills (from written sources)
  • how to use a conceptual framework to evaluate interventions to improve livelihoods
  • how to reflect critically on information and data from the media, as well as academic articles, to appreciate the debates involved in such interventions.

First Published: 01/10/2012

Updated: 13/11/2019

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