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How might Brexit affect Scotland?

Updated Tuesday 13th February 2018

Leading experts offer a perspective on how the results of the Brexit negotiations may impact Scotland following the decision to leave the European Union.

On Thursday 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom moved into uncharted territory after 17.4 million voters chose to leave the European Union. Leading cross-party ‘Brexiters’ became the protagonists of the event in a systemic shift in Global politics, with those dubbed ‘Remainers’ having to capitulate at the somewhat unexpected result. There is still little clarity on how the negotiations will affect individual nations of the United Kingdom, in what’s been called the most complicated political discussions since World War II. Analysis of the results showed that although the country chose to leave, there was a split in opinion of nation-states. England and Wales voted for withdrawal from the European Union, while Northern Ireland and Scotland favoured remaining; 56% to 44% and 62% to 38% respectively. 

As the media coverage of Brexit has predominantly focused on the nation as a whole, we asked leading experts from Scotland to analyse the impact on the country. 


What does the Brexit vote mean for Scottish independence?


Social researcher, Mark Differley, and writer for Scottish Centre on European Relations, Kirsty Huges, analyse the impact of Brexit on Scotland. 


Can Scotland negotiate a separate EU referendum deal?


Social researcher, Mark Differley, and writer for Scottish Centre on European Relations, Kirsty Huges,  explore how the relationship between the Europian Union and Scotland has changed following the Brexit vote. Alex Neil SMP discusses the prospect of a separate Scotish deal as part of the ongoing negotiations. 





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