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Fiscal Responsibility and Monetary Policy: Track 1

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Why do economies go into recession, and what should policymakers do? How do governments use money to influence the economy?
Over the past century governments have used a variety of strategies to avoid economic instability, and the current economic crisis has been handled very differently from the Great Depression, the last comparable global downturn. Getting the balance right - between government spending and taxation, low inflation and low unemployment, low interest rates for borrowers and rewards for savers - is difficult in practice, and the subject of ongoing debate in economic theory.

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Track 1: Fiscal Response and Stimulus

Nicholas Crafts (Professor of Economics, Warwick University) discusses fiscal response.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Fiscal Response and Stimulus    Nicholas Crafts (Professor of Economics, Warwick University) discusses fiscal response. Play now Fiscal Response and Stimulus
2 Aggregate Demand    Roger Farmer (Professor of Economics, University of California Los Angeles) questions Keynesian ideas on aggregate demand Play now Aggregate Demand
3 State Intervention    Stewart Lansley, economist and financial journalist, discusses State Intervention Play now State Intervention
4 Stimulus Spending    Mariana Mazzucato (Professor of Economics, Sussex University) discusses Stimulus Spending Play now Stimulus Spending
5 Quantative Easing    Pontus Rendahl (Dept of Economics, Cambridge University) discusses Pros and Cons quantitative easing Play now Quantative Easing
6 Fiscal Policy    Waltraud Schelkle (European Institute, London School of Economics) discusses automatic stabilizers Play now Fiscal Policy




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