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Globalisation and health: Track 1

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What is the future for global health policy? How are the old paradigms being replaced by new ones? What are the key issues in the new globalised world? Ilona Kickbusch reviews the rapidly changing world of global health. In the past there were relatively few organisations involved and there was a hard dividing line between the public and private spheres. Today there are many more players and the issues are much more complex. In our rapidly shrinking world, where modern technology and infrastructure are able to compress time and distance, it is ever more important to have strong global health policies. How, though, will all the different parties, both local and international, public and private, find a way to co-operate most successfully? K311 Promoting public health: skills, perspectives and practice.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 30 mins
  • Updated Thursday 25th March 2010
  • Advanced level
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Track 1: Globalisation and health

A short introduction to album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Globalisation and health    A short introduction to album. Play now Globalisation and health
2 The impact of globalisation    Globalisation affects public health at many different levels, from the micro scale of virus transmission to the macro scale of world trade. Play now The impact of globalisation
3 The global-local interface    How globalisation destroys borders creating a mutually interdependent world. Play now The global-local interface
4 Players in global health    The players in global health, from international organisations to private individuals. Play now Players in global health
5 Politics of global health: players    Global health is a very complex issue, with a variety of local and international bodies vying for control. Play now Politics of global health: players
6 Politics of global health: issues    The key issues in global health are political as twell as medical. Play now Politics of global health: issues
7 Implementing healthy public policy    Different social sectors, such as health and education, tend not to recognise their interdependence, and a new integrated approach is needed. Play now Implementing healthy public policy
8 The role of the state    Attitudes towards to the state - its role and its scale - play a crucial role in determining publid health policy Play now The role of the state
9 Global partnership    The role of the private sector in the public health arena. Play now Global partnership
10 Working in global partnerships    Partnerships require both strict accountability and a spirit of compromise from the various participants. Play now Working in global partnerships
11 The next big challenge: mental health    Mental health issues as the next big public health challenge. Play now The next big challenge: mental health




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