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How can I learn from Who Are We?

Updated Thursday, 3rd August 2017

There's much to discover - here's a starting point

Flag design detail from Who Are We video

You can check the programme and browse through the artists’ profiles and the particular installations –You can find some material based on conversations between OU academics and artists, who have reflected upon commonalities in their research and work on how to explore questions of identity, citizenship and migration in deep and creative ways.

On the website we have documented some of the engagements between artists, academics, activists and participants in the event and beyond. Some of these include media materials and image galleries and short videos, showcasing some of the installations.

Media gallery from Who Are We? Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Who Are We? The media gallery

Giota Alevizou, the lead author in this unit, also has created a dedicated album on Flickr, with downloadable photos, licensed under Creative Commons.





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